Jan 29, 2011

Charlie Sheen Halts 2 1/2 Men For Rehab

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, famous actor Charlie Sheen is entering an undisclosed rehab to work out his personal demons. Because Sheen is still the main focus of the active TV series, Two And A Half Men, the show will be put on hiatus until Sheen is released.

I don't like to glorify or exploit the downfalls or hardships of celebrities very often, but I report this news for two reasons. The first reason is Charlie Sheen is getting his act together. That's always good, and I support him for such. As the tabloids could tell you, he hasn't been dealing with the fame very well in recent years. Hopefully he finds the strength to stick with his rehab program until he's completely turned around.

The second reason I report this, is because it stops new episodes of Two And A Half Men from being made. This show... my god. I don't hate a lot of television programming, but this show is one of them. I wouldn't wish Sheen's demons on him for the sake of this show's demise, but I can hope that by the time he's rehabbed he will have no further interest in doing this show. The reruns spread throughout several different TV stations will haunt me for some time to come, but killing off the show sooner rather than later is a fantastic step.

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