Jan 13, 2011

The Man With The Iron Fists

According to Film Biz Asia, you can expect a completely bizarre action movie in the near future. Maybe bizarre in a terrible way, maybe bizarre in a so-bad-its-good way. With hip-hop mega-icon and Wu-Tang Clan co-founder, RZA directing and co-writing/co-producing with Eli Roth, he will also be co-starring alongside Russell Crowe and a slew of big name American-film stars of Chinese decent (Lucy Liu and Daniel Wu, to name a few. UNSUBTLE RHYMES!). Kind of similar to Tom Cruise-starring The Last Samurai set-up, where we're set in interesting and beautiful, feudal Asian country, but the film focuses on an western savior. In this film, the title character is a blacksmith who provides weapons for the local Chinese village, but things turn sour and he must take up arms for himself. Words escape me. But at least the action sequences will be done by the guy who did The Transporter. I love anything less than two degrees away from Jason Statham, so I might check this film out when it hits theaters.

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