Jan 17, 2011

Mario Marathon 4 Intro

Yesterday, the people over at Mario Marathon gave somewhat of a preview of whats to come in June. You wouldn't think this would be necessary since it's just some people playing video games. Though as a reminder, they did raise over $1,000 during the intro months before the actual marathon.

If you don't know what Mario Marathon is, it's a group of people playing through the Super Mario series. While they do this, they try to raise as much money as possible for a charity called Child's Play.

So what was announced? Well the games are pretty much going to be the same except Super Mario: The Lost Levels might be added. Also getting all the green stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be added.

They announced a t-shirt design contest, other audience interactions, and how they want to have celebs call in and talk to them. Last year they got Will Wheaton to call in. They could have announced all of this through a blog post, but it was nice for them to play some Donkey Kong with the audience, and collect some early donations.

Check out the video if you missed it.

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