Jan 9, 2011

Predators Review

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A handful of Earth's best predators are abducted and dropped off on a planet with the sole purpose of being hunted by Predators. Can they get off the planet? Can they survive?

A lot of subtle nuances in this film really stand out to me. Detailed characters like the silent Yakuza contrasted with mercenaries and mexican gangs, and a random doctor in the mix. Then there are great cinematic scenes like falling off of cliffs and the creative brilliance in all the different kinds of traps and beauty of the landscape.

My Highlights:
Noland the scavenger, Hanzo vs. a Predator, the civil war and the final fight scene.

Overall Rating:
This was a great movie with a lot going on for it. It lacked the sentimentalism of having one truly disgusting bad guy who the good guys are forced to put up with redeeming himself to be an anti-hero, instead taking the route of sentimentality - having almost every character do this by the same means without the powerful emphasis. But the graphics, the creativity, the action, it all equals an amazing action film. The original Predator was an epic film, and this one was great too, but the characters had all the potential to be fleshed out but none of the delivery. 4 1/4 *'s out of 5 *'s, or 8 1/2 *'s out of 10*'s.

When You Should See It:
Next time you get a chance. This was pretty light on gore and cursing so this will definitely make for a great TV movie, so long as they don't cut any of the actual action scenes, but feel free to go out of your way to rent this one.

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