Jan 27, 2011

Price Review: 9 Doors, 9 People, 9 Hours

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9 Doors, 9 People, 9 Hours
Platform: Nintendo DS
Price Breakdown: $35, CDN$ 41.95, and £39.99.
Rating: M

It's not often you see an M rated game on the DS. Even shooters that are originally rated M on consoles are brought down to T when made for the DS. For a game to be M rated on the DS, must mean it's filled with gore, and guns. Wrong! 9 Doors, 9 People, 9 Hours is interactive novel game which is one of my favorite genres. There isn't too many in this genre, but at least a couple come out a year. Before 999 (shortened title), I would say Hotel Dusk was maybe the creepiest of the interactive novel games. Hotel Dusk wasn't creepy compared to most games you see these days, but 999 takes Dusk's title as creepiest of the genre.

This game is like Saw, but drawn into 9 hours. In the movie Saw, someone has to perform a task, usually a quick one that's filled with gore. Don't worry, 999 isn't on Saw-levels of gore, but there is some. In Saw, Jigsaw kidnaps people and makes them perform these tasks. In 999, someone kidnaps 9 people and forces them to work together. If you don't follow the rules, a bomb that was planted inside of you explodes. You must work together with everyone to escape.

The actual gameplay is point-and-click adventure. 999 is no different from any other point-and-click gameplay: you look for things, and use objects you found to help you escape. They did a great job on the puzzles put in the game, which are really fun to figure out.

There's great replay value in this game, challenging you even to play through the game 6 times. There are 6 different endings to this game! Not every ending is a happy ending either. Though even if you get a bad ending, you'll want to go back and get a new ending. Bonus - after the first time you beat the game, they let you skip through dialog you've already seen.

Final Say: The story to this game is great, and I'm glad the DS is still putting out great interactive novel/point-and-click games. This is a must-have for the DS if you love the genre.

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