Jan 19, 2011

Price Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns

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Donkey Kong Country Returns is for the Wii, and you can easily find it on sale (or used) for $40, £35, CDN$ 49.99.

This game brings you back to the roots of Donkey Kong, which I praise Nintendo for. The game acts just like a Donkey Kong game for the Super Nintendo, except there are some Wiimote additions. By shaking the Wiimote, you can pound on the ground or crouch down to blow a flower.

The story this game follows is about a mask that has brainwashed all the animals to steal all the bananas. The mask tries to brainwash Donkey Kong but fails! Now it's up to you to save all the animals, and all the bananas. To do this you must go through levels which has the brainwashed animals in it. I always found this funny in games - you destroy the enemy which in-turns kills the brainwashed animals. Sonic is the only one I can think of where you destroy an enemy and the animal is seen running away.

The levels are awesome, the controls are great, two player is a blast, the boss battles are super fun, and I always have a soft spot for mine-cart levels. I even praise the little pig that lets you cheat through the level. I know a lot of people are upset about this, but who's making you use it? A comedian I saw once said video games are the only form of entertainment that won't let you see the entire thing unless you complete something. What's funny is that these people complaining about this skip-the-level feature never complained about cheats back in the old school days.

Final Say: The game is worth the money. If someone doesn't like this game, I'm not sure why. Everything is great, and should be played if you have a Wii.

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