Jan 23, 2011

Price Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

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Kirby's Epic Yarn
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Price Breakdown: $40, CDN$ 49.99, and £39.99.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is another Wii game that looks a lot like the franchise's older games for the Super Nintendo. The difference is Kirby, and all the worlds, have been turned into yarn. Your job is to find the magic yarn to knit all the different worlds back together.

The game visuals are beautiful and I love how each world looks. The controls are great, and the yarn is pretty cool as well. How a game can make yarn look cool is beyond me, but they did it. Unfortunately, you can't jump multiple times like you can in every other Kirby game, and that disappoints me a little, but being able to turn into a car is awesome! Also, you can turn into other animals, like a dolphin!

The game is basically perfect except for one thing. Difficulty! Usually I would complain about a game being too hard but this game is the exact opposite. Let me just say - you cannot die in the game. I've been trying (which I never thought I would say), and have failed every time. Every time you get hurt, you just loose gems. If you have no gems and get hurt, you just act hurt. This is the easiest game I've ever played. I just bump into guys, and he gets sad!

The two player mode is really fun to play, but if it wasn't for the two player mode, I don't think I would have played through the whole game. Why does the second player's character look mad all the time though?

Final Say: This is a tough one. After praising Donkey Kong for letting you skip through levels, I find a game that's way too easy. The game is definitely beautiful, so I want to say you shouldn't miss it. Since the difficulty is way too easy though, I think you should give this a rent. If you find it for $20, snatch it up, but Nintendo games usually take a while to go down in price. I think you should just give it a rent now, before the game gets too old and you're not cool when bringing it up to friends in conversation.

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