Jan 16, 2011

Three New Movie Trailers

Though Hollywood might just be beating a dead horse at this point, this still looks like a step up from At World's End. This looks even more sexy, seductive, and suspenseful than any of the others, which reminds me of a sentiment I feel whenever watching one of these films. Wouldn't the whole Pirates franchise be cooler if it wasn't garnered toward family-friendly environment?

This trailer drew a lot of different thoughts from me. When I saw the big navy ships, I thought it was going to be the Rihanna-starring board game-based film, Battleship. Then when I saw robots running amock like the scene is Itchy and Scratch Land, I thought it must be the next Transformers film. Turns out it's a completely new film without prequel, sequel, or pre-fleshed-out origin source!
Better yet, it stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez. Color me excited.

After seeing the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles and thinking it was Transformers, I'm a little let down by this teaser-trailer for the actual Dark of the Moon. All I got from the trailer was that it has a cool conspiracy premise, but will likely suffer from the same all sizzle, no steak as previous films. Also, the main transformer they're highlighting primarily reminds me of a Power Rangers villain.

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