Feb 25, 2011

Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII Review

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It's rare for us to do a review on a rap album. It's just not something we listen to often when we listen to music. When I saw there was a Final Fantasy VII album I thought it was going to be an album of funny songs with jokes and such. To my surprise, the album tells the story of Final Fantasy VII - no jokes, just raps.

Right away I can tell you that this is an amazing album. I can even say that this is probably the best rap album I've ever listened too. What helps the album is the use of music from Final Fantasy VII. This is the main reason I have a hard time listening to rap. It just seems like the same beat for every song. The lyrics are also great at telling the story of Final Fantasy VII, and the creation as a whole is just great.

There are parts of the album that are mediocre like the song "Don Corneo". It fits the character, but it doesn't seem to fit the album. Not complaining though, and it doesn't hurt the album at all.

Final Say: The album is amazing, and I hope to see more like it. This might be the best album of the year for me. There's no excuse not to listen to it because you can hear it for free at http://random.bandcamp.com/album/black-materia-final-fantasy-vii. If you like it, show some support and buy it.

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