Feb 1, 2011

Kevin Smith More-or-Less Retiring From Filmmaking

According to Reelz Channel, a rumor being passed around is that famous actor/director Kevin Smith is just about done his directing career. Though many news sources call this a retirement, Smith was very adamant that it's more or less a finishing of goals, then playing it by ear. In the past, Smith stated he has about ten movies in him that he wants to make, and after Red State, he's only got one more left in the tank. Smith is planning his hockey-comedy that's been in development hell for a while, Hit Somebody! Smith doesn't like to call his career after Hit Somebody! a retirement, because he's still open to doing another Clerks movie if he finds the inspiration. So hopefully if you hear the rumor that Smith is completely done with film-making in the next year or two, take it with a large grain of salt. I for one hope he doesn't quit directing, as I really enjoyed just about everything he's done. Taking sabbaticals between projects isn't a bad idea however, as hopefully it will help avoid burnout, or sellout.

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