Feb 9, 2011

More Video Game Drama

Many of my articles start off with "according to (insert website here)" but this one is going to get a little bit of a different introduction.

Look at the idiots at Fox News who try to paint this new game Bulletstorm as the new video game antichrist. It's like we're in 2001 again and Jack Thompson is on his soap box preaching about the evils of GTA. Here are some of my favorite parts:

Carol Lieberman, a psychologist and book author, told FoxNews.com that sexual situations and acts in video games -- highlighted so well in Bulletstorm -- have led to real-world sexual violence.

followed by a commenter on the article:

As a psychologist I have to say that this is one of the dumber things ever to come out of a fellow psychologists mouth... not the dumbest, but close.


And with kids as young as 9 playing such games

Kids as young as 9 playing this game are breaking the dogma M rating. But hey, I guess kids as young as 9 out there smoke cigarettes too. Bad parenting is bad parenting, you can't blame the products that are age-restricted.

“The marketing is clearly aimed at children and young adolescents,”

Hey! I'm a grown adult and I think the marketing is brilliant! The one redeeming quality about the Fox News article is that they got a quote from some supporters of this game, but I imagine that's mainly because a mega-republican news source couldn't completely tear down such a pro-firearm video game

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