Feb 15, 2011

Supercomputer Wins Jeopardy

You can find this news story just about anywhere, but I'll cite Computer World, cuz why not? Basically, IBM created a Supercomputer and in a test on Thursday, it beat two Jeopardy all-stars, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Between February 14-16, there will be some episodes to really show off the computer in action. You may be initially unimpressed by this. "Yeah, a computer can answer questions faster than someone who has to think about it. Next you'll be telling us calculators are faster than a guy with an abacus." Or if you want to sum up your feeilngs about Jeopardy visually:

Well this is supposed to be a big deal because it's the first computer to mimic human intelligence. You can't tell your vacuum vocally how, where, and when to clean. So the age of the machine is upon us. Queue necessary joke:

In other news, IBM changes their name to Skynet

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