Feb 8, 2011

Yep Moms Hated It

I haven't played Dead Space 2 yet, but I love the "Your mom hates Dead Space 2," commercials. I feel like video game commercials haven't really been that great in past years. The last great commercial I remember was the Ratchet and Clank commercials showing people testing out the weapons. Before that you had the Crash Bandicoot mascot, and the SSX Tricky commercials.

Now parents are upset about these commercials. Who didn't see this coming? I think whoever came up with these commercials is a genius. They must have known this would cause some sort of controversy, and that usually means the game gets a lot more press that they don't have to pay for. Each time there is an article about parents complaining, that means people are seeing what the game has to offer. Maybe some gamers don't watch commercials because they have a DVR, but they still might watch/read the news. If the news complains about the game, then they will see the game's advertisement. The critics are just spreading what they would call the disease.

Also, we're lucky that the game is supposed to be really good. Every time a Leisure Suit Larry game comes out, it gets the same attention. I haven't played the one for the Xbox 360, and PS3. I have heard that it's awful, and shouldn't have gotten the attention it received (Also The Guy Game).

Check out this video by Awesome Video Games. They do a great commentary about the commercials, and the behind the scenes of making the commercial.

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