Mar 10, 2011

Any High Expectations For Men In Black III?

So there are a few inevitable truths about the Men In Black franchise.

1) The first one rocked.
2) The second one sucked.
3) They are working on a third one.

It was possible that things just didn't click on the second film and the third one will be better, right? Allow me to direct your attention to The Hollywood Reporter. Remember how much of a mess Men In Black 2 was? Well this one is based around time-travel. And there are three worthy notes about the script.

1) It's got so many flaws in it, that they had to hire a ghost-writer from the original Men In Black 1 script to help fix it.
2) They've only got one act written in the script and have already filmed it. As in there isn't even a full script but they're already shooting the movie. This is due to a New York tax incentive to film in 2010, or to take a break between the end of 2010 and a few months into 2011, or something. Gotta cut costs wherever you can.
3) No one can remember any studio ever doing anything like this before. Even other film-makers are going "wtf?"

So if you wind up sitting in the theater, watching the CGI explosions, the dried out humor of a now 42 year old Will Smith, wishing he was the Prince of Bel-Air again, and wondering what the heck is going on, remember... they already have your money.

Warning: NSFW Due To Language. But accurate.

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