Mar 8, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger

According to, Arnold Schwarzenegger is saying goodbye to politics now that his run as California governor is up. His eyes are once again set on the big screen! He's already got fifteen big name films he's considering. Among that list he's considering are another Terminator film, a remake of Predator, a remake of The Running Man, and some vague mention of a super hero film.

The article on Heavyeggs makes some good points, like a James Cameron directed Terminator film, or a sequel The Expendables where he leads his own team. I strongly disagree with the article's criticism of the film Predators, but don't want to go off-topic. Hopefully the super hero film Arnie is looking into is the life story of Mr. Freeze! As for original content he might do, I'm hoping it's nothing that requires ridiculous camera-directing to mask his age. Sylvester Stallone works like a madman to still look like a credible badass in his most recent films, and that's the kind of attitude Arnie should have as well if he's going to go the same route.

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