Mar 11, 2011

Facebook Will Help Us!

image from Facebook Event

Remember the time we changed our display pictures to a childhood TV show? That was to fight child abuse. Did it work? We can only assume that it did. Well now people on Facebook want you to boycott gasoline. Though it's only for one day so I'm not sure if that counts as a boycott. I thought you had to stop using the product until your demands are met?

The reason for this is obviously for people confusing the diesel pump for the regular. The green handle and big sign saying "diesel" is not enough! Alright that's a lie, it's about the price of gas. Though I've always wonder how many people daily accidentally pump diesel.

I've read some people outside of the U.S. have always paid very high, and that we should shut our mouths. To them I say, "that's not nice! Imagine paying double what you pay for your tea! Who's complaining now?"

I don't really understand the (current figure as of writing this) 547,581 "definitely" involved in this Facebook-protest, or the 114,341 "maybe" involved.. If you drive a car that uses gasoline, then you'll need it eventually. Just not getting gas on one day doesn't do anything. I didn't get gas yesterday, and a majority of car owners probably didn't either. Does this mean I was boycotting gas stations yesterday?

The point of this rant was - please don't make me change my display picture to my favorite childhood gas station bathroom.

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