Mar 15, 2011

Gilbert Gottfried Too Soon

Gilbert Gottfried got fired from his gig as the Aflac duck for telling jokes about what's happening in Japan. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't seen an Aflac commercial in a long time. Now, Aflac will be receiving some more advertising by word of mouth due to Gilbert Gottfried being fired... Crap we here at the O.R.B. are part of the problem.

Why was Gilbert Gottfried fired now, when he has always done these types of jokes? According to Encyclopedia Dramatica (Link might offend some) three weeks after 9/11, Gottfried was telling 9/11 jokes.

Like I said before, "I haven't seen an Aflac commercial in a long time." Maybe it was time to ditch the duck, and now they have a good reason to do it.

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