Mar 16, 2011

The Jersey Shore Is Everywhere

This isn't really so much news as it is commentary. Even if you absolutely hate The Jersey Shore, it has to be said that it's everywhere now. I've watched my fair share of the show, though I don't consider myself a fan. It's trashy, stupid, and immature, but it's meant to be done that way. That's what the mass public apparently want to watch, and The Jersey Shore fits that market to a tee. The marketing is getting crazy though!

On Monday, Snooki was the guest host of WWE RAW. To wrestling fans' astonishment, she actually did a great job. She got the crowd engaged, she performed like a natural, and people are actually hoping to see more of her. For anyone who missed it, the two following clips are her pieces on RAW

All over day-time TV is this brief infomercial about the steroid Xenadrine. So on my days off, eighty-times a day I have to watch Ronnie from Jersey Shore.

What inspired me to write this blog though was watching Mike, "The Situation", on Comedy Central's The Roast of Donald Trump. Oh My Kermit The Frog... that was the most awkward stand-up comedy I've ever seen. It's a shame that the clip isn't already up on the internet, because words don't really do it justice. Jeff Ross actually had to save "The Situation" so the crowd wouldn't carry him off the stage. Definitely look around for the clip because it's... just... wow.

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