Mar 4, 2011

Mortal Kombat's Challenge Tower

Mortal Kombat 9 is coming out in April, and I'm a little interested. I've always loved the first couple of Mortal Kombat games, though I don't really like how fighting games are headed these days. A lot of fighter games are the same game over and over. It also sucks a lot when these games are charging you money to download characters and moves. I hope Mortal Kombat proves me wrong, and that's where The Challenge Tower comes in.

The Challenge Tower consists of 300 missions, which consists of different types of modes, and even game play. The mode I found to be the most intriguing is the one with no arms. They only showed it for a split second, but it sounds awesome. Also the one about luck is also awesome sounding. That's when a slot machine bar appears, and it chooses your character, and different things that will happen during the fight. Like making the screen upside down. They also talked about the last level in this tower being hard. Not just hard... like crazy hard... Total destruction / "mom, just one more level!" crazy hard.

To quote Malcolm in the Middle:
Reese: "No one believes I beat the last level of Mortal Kombat."
Hal: "Because that's just ridiculous. No one beats Sub-Zero."

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