Mar 19, 2011

NBC's Wonder Woman Revealed

According to Topless Robot and The Hollywood Reporter, hold onto your hats, cuz Wonder Woman is here! Adrianne Palicki, star of the film Legion, and TV's Friday Night Lights will be starring in NBC's upcoming Wonder Woman. And she looks awesome!

Well, it's kind of cool anyways. The initial look of it makes me say awesome. Then I start to nitpick at it. Like, it's accurate for a Wonder Woman portrayal, and I fully approve of ditching the ridiculous star briefs. But things like the mega-shiny spandex, high heel shoes and push-up corset remind me of this Cracked article. But then, it's really all in the writing. I can be sold on any costume if the writing is good. But to remind another article we've written about Wonder Woman, writing for the character is truly the greatest challenge. I'm really looking forward to this show just to see if it can live up to the hype. Also, at least one episode is going to feature Elizabeth Hurley, so that's going to be awesome.

UPDATE! May 12, 2011: Never mind, NBC didn't pick up the pilot despite the buzz.

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