Mar 31, 2011

Thoughts on Kick-Ass The Game

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Kick Ass The Game is available on the Playstation Network for $14.99. Before I talk about the game, let me say that Kick-Ass the movie is awesome, and should be seen by all!

Kick-Ass the game is similar to how the movie is set up. You play as Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, or Big Daddy (Or what I like to call him after hearing the voice-acting: not-Nicholas Cage...). You storm the city looking for Frank D'Amico. Frank sends his hit-men after you, and they send thugs after you. It's pretty much like any side-scroll beat em' up.

This game features many disappointments. From big ones like boring level design, to small ones like having to press start, and going into profile to level up (Why not just press select when you level up?). Though I gotta give these people credit for giving us co-op. Well, local co-op, but there are some deserving games that aren't co-op at all.

Trying to be positive, but every time I hear these characters talk, I just can't take it anymore. Also, they got jumping all wrong. Have you ever played a game where the jumping seems unbalanced? Like, when you press the jump button and you jet right into the air, and it looks like you're jumping too high? In some games it works, in this game it does not. Kick-Ass The Game does alright when it comes to camera angles, but there are times where a wall is in your view.

Final Say: It's a pass. $15? That's really asking for too much. It's been on sale, but it's still not worth it. It's just an overall pass. There are many better games like this on the PSN. Try Castle Crashers, Turtles in Time remake, or even Scott Pilgrim: The Game.

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