Mar 29, 2011

Thoughts on Stacking

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Stacking is a game that's on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for $15. You play as Charlie, the smallest stacking doll, in an adventure to save all the children from child labor. The man behind all this child labor is a stacking doll named The Baron.

You yourself don't have any abilities except for the ability to stack, which allows you to go inside any doll that's one size bigger. You can stack as many dolls as you want so long as you can find the next size up, and you can't have the same size at any time. Each doll has an ability - some are lame, but some come in handy, like one of the bigger guys can throw an upper cut at anyone. There are so many different abilities, it would take forever to go over each one.

This game features many many puzzles. In fact, the whole game is puzzles. For example: You need to free 5 guys from quirky situations so they can attend a meeting to stop child labor. One of the guys was stuck behind a big gas cloud. There are three-to-five different ways to completing each puzzle. One of the ways was *Small spoil alert* to find a good smelling lady, and clear out the smoke.

The game is pretty fun for the most part. Something that bothered me was the slowness of some of these stacking dolls. Some of them had the ability to run faster, but you don't run into that often. I think there should have been a run button that works with any of the stacking dolls.

Another thing to note are the cut-scenes. While these didn't bother me, I know that it might bother some. All the cut-scenes are done like silent films. Someone talks and you can't hear them, and then a wall appears with text. The game features a lot of cut scenes, and some do run a little long.

Final Say: If you like puzzle games then this game is a fun 3-4 hour game to play. There is a lot of replay value to the game, which will probably take you 8 hours to complete. If you want action, and don't like a lot of cut-scenes, then look for a different game.

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