Mar 22, 2011

Tommy Lee's New SyFy Travel Show

According to The Hollywood Reporter, famous Motley Crue drummer, and celeb-sex-tape-pioneer, Tommy Lee will be getting a new show in the unknown near-future. The SyFy (formally Sci-Fi) channel has brought Tommy Lee on to host a travel show known as Culture Shock With Tommy Lee. On this show, Lee will attempt to uncover rituals, symbols and other mysteries of secret societies. As much as I hate to admit it, I do love these kinds of show when done right. If the episode topics are interesting and the directing and writing on decent enough, this might be something I'd watch. I think Tommy Lee is a pretty cool guy, though I've never seen his NBC show from 2004, Tommy Lee Goes to College. Acting/reacting is really what sells these shows to me. I'm not going to believe these artifacts are a big deal if the host isn't genuinely excited about it. I also can't help but shake the feel this is SyFy's attempt to counter The History Channel's Only In America with Larry The Cable Guy. Using a celeb's notoriety to popularize a show doesn't always work, the celeb has to actually fit the bill.

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