Apr 7, 2011

127 Hours Review

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Having read the book written by the actual Aron Ralston, I was worried Hollywood would be adding a ton of untrue material to make the movie "interesting." I was really worried after seeing in the trailer Aron Ralston was chatting with girls and taking them to cool places, since that was never mentioned in the book.

Luckily, the movie did stay truthful when Aron was stuck between the rock, and the hard place. Most of the stuff in the movie actually was talked about in the book. From Aron seeing a bird fly by every morning, to setting times each day for when to take a sip of water. I'm really glad the movie took the time to get each detail Aron explained in his book.


I would like to mention that I didn't find the scene where he cuts his arm off to be that bad. I heard people were throwing up, and getting sick. Does this make me a sick person?

Final Say:
Great movie and great book to check out. While I might be in the minority, I think the ending could have been a lot better. Besides that, I found the movie to be really good. 4 1/2*'s out of 5, or 8 *'s out of 10.

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