Apr 1, 2011

April Fools Day Pranks

Looking for a fun way to spend pranking friends, family, or co-workers? Well welcome to your prank directory. Here I've compiled a list prank sites to save you some time. Just click on the site most relevant to your interests.

High Tech Pranks

21. Screen Scream - Our next prank comes courtesy of Microsoft, surprisingly enough. The programmers there released an office “Blue Screen of Death” simulator. Install the screensaver on an unsuspecting IT guy’s PC and see the feared symbol of system error pop up after a few minutes of inactivity.

School Pranks
Sample (NSFW due to language):

Roommate Pranks

TV Sensor - Use a small piece of black tape to block the cable/tv sensor so when your roommate decides to watch TV next, he/she can't change the channel or adjust the volume.

General Pranks

You Spilled What? - Find an old bottle of nail polish that you don't want anymore. Unscrew the cap and set it sideways on a piece of waxed paper, letting the contents flow out into a puddle. When it dries completely, peel it off of the paper. Now you can put it anywhere and trick someone into thinking there is spilled nail polish. Works best on something your victim cherishes or on one of their important documents!

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