Apr 19, 2011

iPhone Games 2

Sky Burger: Each level you're supposed to make a new burger. For example: Meat, lettuce, onion, lettuce. All these ingredients start raining from the sky and you have to collect the right ingredient in the right order.

Final Say:
It's an ok free game. Though you're not missing anything if you pass.

Unblock Me:
You have to get the red brick out of the puzzle. You move the wood blocks around to create a path.

Final Say: This game has been done so many times. If you like puzzle games, then you probably have played it, so you should know if you would like it. If you haven't played a puzzle game before, check it out.

Tiki Totems 2:
The main point is to safely bring a tiki totem down to the ground. The totems start on top of a wacky structure and you have to break wooden blocks. If you're not careful though, the tiki totem might fall and hit the ground. This will anger the volcano gods.

Final Say:
I'm enjoying this game, and it's worth the $0.99. There's also a level creator.

The Simpson's Game:
This is the closest thing you'll get to The Simpson's game that was in the arcades. While the game isn't perfect, and you can only play as Homer (that I know of), it's still a fun classic game.

Final Say: Must have!

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