Apr 9, 2011

iPhone Games

QRank: This is a free daily trivia game that is also available for free on Facebook. You answer trivia questions and compete with friends. The questions are kept up to-date, and you'll even find questions that have to do with something that happened yesterday.

Final Say: Must Have!

Mega Jump:
Free game that puts you in the role of some red lizard-thing. You control this guy by tilting your phone. Each time you hit a coin, you get boosted in the air. The point is obviously to collect as many coins as possible.

Final Say: Check it out.

Retro Rev 2:
This game reminds me visually of Amplitude (awesome game). You just keep going down a tunnel. The point of Retro Rev 2 is just to avoid walls and move red boxes.

Final Say: It's usually $0.99, but free for a little bit. Check it out before it's too late.

PapiJump: Same style of gameplay as Mega Jump except for no coins. You keep jumping from platform to platform. It's also free, but doesn't have the appeal Mega Jump has.

Final Say: Check out Mega Jump first, and if you really want to check out PapiJump then go for it. I mean, it's free right!?

GoGoGadget: Inspector Gadget is back in free-game-form! Inspector Gadget is on some rocket skates, and you must help him jump from roof to roof, swing from hooks, hover over fans, collect coins, and watch out for banana peels. With the coins you get, you can unlock power ups, an Inspector Gadget ring tone, and even 10 episodes of the show!

Final Say: Must have!

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