Apr 3, 2011

Life On Mars (American Version) Review

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As promised in my review of Rescue Me, as soon as I finished that show I would need to find a new favorite show. In bittersweet form, I found a new great show to share my thoughts on but with only seventeen episodes in its entire series. Much like The Office, Life On Mars' origins lie in the UK, but spawned an American counterpart.

The story follows detective Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara) who shortly after suffering a great tragedy in his life in 2008, gets struck by a car. For some crazy reason, Tyler wakes up 35 years in the past, in 1973, retaining the same name and job position but with year-appropriate clothing and matters like an apartment and office all lined up. And his boss is played by Harvey Keitel! Tyler struggles throughout the series to balance his everyday life containing co-workers thinking he's crazy, and decoding the incongruent hints dropped in every episode as to how/why he's time traveled.

Final Say: Two genres of TV that I have a very hard time enjoying are crime dramas and British sci-fi. This show is the exception to the rule, because it's amazing. It was a show that really drew me in, made me care about the characters, kept me interested in the sci-fi aspect, tackled serious issues from the generation and made me laugh at both comedic scenes, pop culture references, and historic irony. I'm kind of on the fence about how the show ended, which I've read was a different ending than the British version of the show. Thankfully they came to a conclusion episode to tie together all (or as many as possible) loose ends, rather than just randomly dying off with nothing solved. I strongly recommend people give this show a chance. It's on Netflix Instant Watch, and isn't heavy on tragic victim backstory like CSI.

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