Apr 6, 2011

Mad Men Netflix And Bill And Ted 3 News

Two fairly big pieces of news to report for cult franchise lovers.

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As noted previously on OR, the fifth season of Mad Men was in peril due to intense negotiations between the creator and distributor. The good news is that a deal has been reached between both sides and the show has been extended another 2, possibly 3 seasons according to The Hollywood Reporter. In better news, Netflix scored an awesome deal where they'll get to stream all previously aired seasons of Mad Men on Instant Watch, as well as any future episodes once their respective season ends. Apparently, those lucky Canadians have been enjoying streamed Mad Men from Netflix for a while now and the company used this as an excuse to score the deal in America.

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Also in the news on MTV News, Keanu Reeves reminds that Bill and Ted 3, the third film in the cult franchise is in progress! Reeves even hopes to have the first draft of a script by the writers of the first film to be done in the next six weeks! Reeves had this to say about the plot of the film.

So it seems that "Bill and Ted 3" (or whatever it ends up being called) will focus on the Wyld Stallyns's attempts to live up to the hype that Rufus (George Carlin) first revealed in the 1989 original. Perhaps they're running out of time. After all, Bill (Alex Winter) and Reeves' Ted will be approaching 50 in the third film, a prospect that had Reeves laughing, "That's pretty excellent!"

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