Apr 27, 2011

Nintendo Project Café

Nintendo confirmed that there will be a new Nintendo console coming out in 2012. The codename for the console is Project Café, which sounds like a bad name even for a codename. The Wii's code name was The Nintendo Revolution. Doesn't that sound like an awesome name? They should go with that!

What should we get excited about when it comes to the Project Café? HD, Blu-Ray, controller with touch-screen, and a little more powerful than the PS3. Granted, this stuff hasn't really been confirmed, only that there is going to be a new console. HD is a must though! Really, if you put out a console that doesn't do HD, then why bother?

The thing that caught me off guard was that it's going to be a little more powerful than the PS3. Is that really something to brag about? Project Café will be a little more powerful than a console that has been out for years now?

Power helps, but power isn't required. What's required is good games. We got some good ones last year, but nothing (as far as I know) has been announced for Nintendo's Wii lineup for this year, except for Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Pandora's Tower. We need something for the beginning of the year though, not just the last three months. If you want to count Mario Sports Mix then be my guest, but I'm guessing most of you won't.

Please, Nintendo! Do what you did last year at E3 and announce some awesome looking games! Plus, Mario, and Zelda in HD would be awesome to see.

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