Apr 20, 2011

The Orphanage Review

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Little orphan Laura grows up to marry rich Doctor Carlos and move into the abandoned orphanage Laura grew up in with hopes to turn it into a Special Needs School.  Unfortunately, their adopted son Simon has been playing with the resident ghosts, who like to play dangerous games.

Even though this was filmed in Spanish (don't worry, there are English subtitles) this is still very relatable and going to make for a great American remake. The acting was great, the characters were believable, and the scenery was both beautiful and eerie. The only thing that stood out to me that I'd change was the wheelchair scene. I know I'm nitpicking, but seriously, how am I supposed to believe she got to the second floor in a wheelchair?

My Highlights:
Scavenger hunt, the seance, and the entire ending

Overall Rating:
Best horror film I've seen in a long time. A lot of the horror films I watch and enjoy as of late rely heavily on comedy out of recognition of the goofy side of the genre, but this film is both terrifying and soul-touching. It's an intellectual horror film and a popcorn thriller. 5 *'s out of 5, or 10 *'s out of 10. I was utterly blown away and am looking forward to the American version.

When You Should See It:
If you don't mind reading subtitles and enjoy horror films, I suggest you see this immediately. If you like horror films but HATE reading, wait till the American remake. I'm thinking it might come out as soon as next year

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