Apr 23, 2011

Paul Reiser Show Canceled After Two Episodes

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has canceled The Paul Reiser Show in shorter time than they had even told them they were going to be on the network. The show lasted all of two episodes, each with terrible ratings. Rather than let the show have a few more weeks to see if they could garner any semblance of a fan-base, the network killed it off. Interestingly enough, Reiser blames the failure on NBC's rush to get it on the air a mere twenty-days before they planned on the start-date. NBC likely didn't have big plans for the show since it was being used as a mid-season replacement for Perfect Couples, but Reiser had only written six episodes for the entire season and the network didn't like it enough to let it run its course.

I watched the first episode of The Paul Reiser Show, and despite the guest starring of Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld fame, I knew I was watching a bomb. It wasn't that the show was awful, but it definitely didn't have anything about it that made me want to come back for another episode. Maybe TBS can see if there's any treasure in NBC's trash-bin again.

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