Apr 25, 2011

Portal 2 Single Player Thoughts

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These are my thoughts on the single player. I haven't played the co-op yet.

One of the most hyped-up games I've seen in recent times was Portal 2. The last time I saw something this hyped up was Spore, and that ended up disappointing a lot of people. I assure you having played it though, Portal 2 does live up to the hype.

If you don't know anything about Portal, then here is a description without spoilers. You're saving the world from death, and to do this, you are given a portal gun. This gun can shoot an orange and a blue portal. You can shoot one portal at the wall next to you, and shoot the other portal two stories up over a door. You then enter the portal on the wall, and come out two stories up. There are many uses for this portal gun, but that's one of the great uses for it.

When I started playing Portal 2 I realized something that I didn't notice in the hype. The game is written really well and it has a lot of humor in it. While our character doesn't talk, the other characters around are really well done. May I add that J.K. Simmons does a voice for this game!

The gameplay is just what the hype was about. It's amazing and very fun planting portals around. The puzzles in the game can get very tough, but once you figure it out, you'll quote Billy Madison, "I am the smarted person alive!" That's until you get to the next room, and cry like Luke Skywalker, "That's impossible!" That being said, I never thought once that these hard puzzles weren't worth the time.

Final Say: It's a must-play and could be the best game of the year, but I won't say that til the end of the year since many great games are coming out. You need to get your hands on Portal 2, and that's that. Don't even hesitate.

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