Apr 4, 2011

Price Review: Tron: Evolution

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Welcome to the price review of Tron: Evolution. It's available on all major consoles, and will cost around $30, 20 pounds, or 40 Canadian dollars. Tron: Evolution uses the Playstation Move, but can be played without. I played it without because I don't own a Playstation Move.

Tron: Evolution is about the events that leads to Kevin Flynn's imprisonment at The Grid. You control a security program named Anon that was made by Flynn. It's a pretty good story, and the voice acting is well done. The animation in the cut-scenes are really well done too.

This game is a third person adventure game with some RPG leveling system. You can punch, you can throw your disks, and even punch the ground. There are combos you can pull off which are fun in the beginning, but it does get stale after a bit. To battle the staleness, Tron starts adding new types of enemies. Some that go fast, some that are stronger with shields, and then you got the weak puny guys that you fight through the entire game.

There are also some fun special moves. You have a meter of how many special moves you have, and to refill this meter, you have to get a charge from a computer or some little pod on the ground. Also, I found getting health in this game was an interesting take. You have to get a charge from this meter on the wall by running across it. The game also features light bikes and tanks. The light bikes are pretty cool, and give a nice change in game play. The tanks though are just bad, and I always dreaded having to drive it.

The game also features some climbing, wall jumps, force grip-type-moves, and jumping over computers. While it was a nice thought, the controls are not the best and end up frustrating you. Running around can be a hassle in the beginning; it's just the type of awkward controls you have to get used too. Also sometimes the frame rate is slow when you're running along a wall. This can you mess you up and cause you to fall to your death.

There is also a decent online multiplayer. I like the Power Monger game where you capture certain points of the map. What's fun about it, is the ability to change to your light bike at any time.

Final Say: It's a mediocre game, nothing terrible, but nothing amazing. Rent it before spending the money on it.

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