Apr 28, 2011

South Park HUMAN CENTiPAD Review

Season 15 of South Park premiered tonight with a horrifying and satirical "HUMAN CENTiPAD", a duel-parody of both Apple and The Human Centipede. Basically, since it isn't spoon-fed at the end of the episode, the two main morals to learn from this story are not to be greedy, and not to be lazy. In regards to the lazy part, rights are a wonderful thing, but you need to be aware when people try to take those rights from you. Other countries don't allow citizens their rights.

I thought this episode was a win. It wasn't astounding, but it was a very strong return to television that both leaves room for improvement and will keep fans coming back. There were celebrity appearances, great gags, and though I'm not usually a fan of toilet-humor, they pulled it off in a way that had me cracking up. There were only two things that kind of bothered me about the episode - Cartman's mom's voice changing when she got angry (obviously voices do change when you get angry, but it became clear of the other characters the voice actress plays), and that even through portraying Apple as kind of a sick and invasive company, it was portrayed as the lesser of two evils compared to being left behind in the PC era. But then, I'm a PC user, so that's probably why I was offended!

Watch it at South Park Studios.

image from South Park

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