Apr 11, 2011

Trailer Park Boys Seasons 1 & 2 Review

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I've been wanting to see Trailer Park Boys for some time now. When it finally came to Netflix Instant watch I started watching right away. It's a mockumentary showing the life of the criminal's point of view. Think Cops, but with the cameras following the criminals. There are two main characters Julian, and Ricky. They live in a dysfunctional trailer park. During the second season another character named Bubbles becomes more of a main character as well.

The show's first couple of episodes weren't hilarious, and had only a couple of good laughs. That being said they did a great job in character development. Once you know their personality that's when the comedy starts pouring in.

There are parts where I was bursting out laughing. Then there are points where the comedy is very subtle. That being said I can see that some people won't enjoy this show. It can be very subtle, and it's not crazy at every second like other mockumentaries especially Reno 911.

Final Say: It's a show that should be checked out by all.

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