Apr 17, 2011

Tron Legacy Review

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In 1989, a software engineer named Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and CEO of a multi-million dollar company disappears, leaving behind a twelve year old son named Sam. Sam grows up as the heir to the company throne but is strictly a figurehead and only pops in once a year, taking greater enjoyment in spending company money and playing pranks on the company board members, even if the pranks deter profits. Sam follows a clue to his dad's old office where he gets sucked into a virtual realm known as The Grid, where all programs serve a distinct function and few humans have ever stepped foot.

Visually, holy crap. This movie is incredible looking. Musically, fantastic. Daft Punk took the reigns on the soundtrack and got a brief cameo. As for the story, I don't know why I make this connection, but it's like someone sat down and took notes on what the Star Wars prequels were missing and made it awesome. I don't know why I make that connection, but it has a very big sci-fi epic feel to it like Star Wars. Great character development, great attachment is formed to each of the characters. These guys knew what they were doing.

My Highlights:
Everything Rinzler. Great character. Also, light cycles and old Jeff Bridges.

Overall Rating:
An absolutely awesome movie. Anyone who has any interest in sci-fi movies needs to see this, and anyone who has a Blu-Ray player definitely needs to see this on Blu-Ray. I'd rank this film right up there with Inception as best sci-fi films of this generation. 5 *'s out of 5 or 10 *'s out of 10.

When You Should See It:
Right away. As soon as I finished watching it I wanted to watch it again

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  1. Tron is truly a fantasy epic, not much different than Peter Pan in that the viewer must suspend reality to enjoy the movie. I think that may be why people have trouble with the plot of this movie. When the original Tron came out, many people were ignorant of computers and only aware of the video game world. I watched it in HD 1080p, the same as Blu-ray with my DISH Network HD receiver on VOD. I love how the picture looks on my 82” TV because anything less than HD is not worth it; plus I get my HD free for life as a qualifying customer with a top package. Sweet!