May 4, 2011

10 Items or Less: Season 1 Review

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Premise: 10 Items or Less is about a man named Leslie who went out and tried to succeed to prove to his father he can. Before he could succeed, his father died, so Leslie returned home to run his father's supermarket. Now, Leslie is an inexperienced manager with a team of oddball employees.

This show certainly has its moments of humor, though I feel like it's a missed opportunity. I can't really relate to any of this show. I've worked in the retail world, and while it's not exactly the super market world, they both deal with the same crowd. Also, you shouldn't need to have experience in the business to be able to relate. The Office is a good example. I've never worked in an office but I can relate to situations that happen on the show. Going into this show, I thought I was going to relate to a lot of the problems people working these jobs have, and I was disappointed.

10 Items or Less does have it's moments. It's not exactly what I was hoping for, but it still kept me entertained. It's just wacky and a lot of it isn't believable. That's alright though, not all T.V. shows need to be believable.

Final Say:
I was entertained and I'm planning on seeing what the second season has to offer. It's a short series of 21 episodes. It's on the Netflix Instant Watch, and if you have Instant Watch then just flip on the first episode. It's the type of show that your opinion of the first episode will be your opinion on every other episode. If you don't have Instant Watch, then check out one of the episodes that are available at

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