May 15, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 Review

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Lord Voldemort is large and in charge, effectively becoming the Hitler of the wizard-world. Mud-bloods and supporters of Harry Potter are the targets of his regime, and in the future, Muggles will be as well. Harry Potter and the gang must spend over two and a half hours collecting the enchanted artifacts known as Horcruxes that if all are destroyed, will destroy Voldemort.

This film is an extension of my feelings of every newer Harry Potter film. It feels like since the actors started to get notably older, the tone of the movies had to get progressively darker and more serious. Frankly, I liked the Harry Potter series when it was cute and innocent, featuring naive little children learning and using magic to fight an evil too big for even the grown-ups. I actually feel uncomfortable watching a kids movie and wondering when a character is going to get raped or seriously mutilated. Or even wondering when we're going to see a sex scene in general. And Voldemort has completely had his mystique destroyed. He was so much more effective int he beginning of the series as having the aura around him and not getting much time to do or say anything. Your mind can fill in the blanks of how evil he is! I don't need to see him carry out concentration camp plans.

My Highlights:
Dobby to the rescue, and the court room scene.

Overall Rating:
This was a well-crafted movie in terms of character relationships, character development and cinematography. In terms of plot, it didn't really work too well for me. Maybe because it felt like Lord of the Rings to me, in that that idea is to run for almost 3 hours and make everyone look like they can't hold their own in a fight. It came to a point where I was hoping Harry Potter was just going to turn into Neo from The Matrix and stop running, start annihilating everyone who stands in his way. At times it was boring, especially because it was so long. Really, there were only about two scenes that actually got my adrenaline racing, as seen in My Highlights.  3 1/4 *'s out of 5, or 6 1/2 *'s out of 10

When You Should See It:
After seeing this film, I wouldn't re-watch it. I wouldn't even suggest anyone who isn't already a fan of the series and intent on seeing the whole franchise watch it. It's long, it's tiring, and given that it takes 3 hours just to reach a movie that will explain the events of this film anyways. I say skip it. I caught a Harry Potter marathon on TV a few weeks back and got caught up on the franchise, so I had to see this, and will drag myself into seeing the next one. But if you're in my shoes and need to at least finish the series, then I won't be able to convince you otherwise anyways.

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