May 20, 2011

League of Evil Review

I've been playing League of Evil which is an App for the iPhone, or iPod. It's by far the best game for the iPhone I've played yet. Usually when it comes to these games, I play them during breaks at work. League of Evil I find myself playing while sitting in front of my computer. That's saying a lot since I have Portal 2 and L.A. Noire right next to me.

You play as this super agent and you have to go around each level finding an evil scientist. While the scientists can't hurt you, these level contain obstacles and other bad guys that can, and will. It can get frustrating but I find I keep coming back.

The controls to the game are really well done, and the only time something doesn't work is my fault. This is just from the touch controls on the iPhone. I think my thumb is on the right arrow to make him move right - away from the spiked pit. Unfortunately it's on the left arrow causing another death in the League of Evil.

Final Say:
It's a must-have, especially right now! It's on sale for $0.99! Even if it's not on sale, get it. The looks, the gameplay, and the music make it a great deal for 99 cents! This game is also a flash game that's free (iPhone app has more levels).

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