May 1, 2011

No Anchorman 2

According to Will Ferrell, there won't be an Anchorman 2. Not because Will Ferrell won't do it, it's because the people over at Paramount won't do it.

To quote The Huffington Post about how much Anchorman grossed, "$90 million worldwide on a $26 million budget and is a regular television syndication favorite. Still, it's not enough to convince Paramount to green light a second film."

I was in high school when Anchorman came out, and people were quoting it all the time. My opinion of the movie was that it was alright. From a business view though, I would have to say Paramount is losing out on some money. I don't think, I know that a sequel would produce a lot of money. Even when I was in college, kids were quoting Anchorman and that was years after it came out.

Maybe there's something we don't know. Maybe Paramount was fine with the idea until Will Ferrell told them he wanted $20 million for the role. Paramount needs to tell the viewers why they won't be doing a sequel. It just doesn't seem right that they wouldn't.

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