May 31, 2011

Phoenix Wright The Movie

I've always said that the video game series Ace Attorney featuring Phoenix Wright would make a great anime. To my surprise while researching for this post I came across that maybe there are 10 episodes of a Phoenix Wright T.V. show. It only aired in Japan, but what I find weird is that I can't find much information about it. I'm only coming across fan made videos.

As for a movie being made for audiences in Japan I can find many sources. Before I talk about this movie, look at the picture below of the actors, and actress that I found on

Real people!? It's not going to be animated? I've always imagined a Phoenix Wright movie, or T.V. show to be an anime. Now that I have thought about it, I can't think of any video game movie that was animated except for a Final Fantasy, and Halo movie. I'm sure there are more, but a majority of video game movies are using real actors, and actresses.

The movie is being released in Japan, leaving me hoping for a US release. I don't think the cheesy voice overs you find in kung fu movies would give the movie justice, but I would love English subtitles. I've found that Phoenix Wright games usually come out a year, or two before an US release. There are always rumors that the games won't come to America, still though, the comic books based on the games made it to America (though they weren't that good).

If you know any information about the T.V. show send me a message, or comment.

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