Jun 3, 2011

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

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Bill Burr is my favorite stand up comedian and if you haven't seen his routine then it's something to check out. One of his specials is on Netflix Instant Watch and they air it from time to time on Comedy Central. Recently I found out that Bill Burr does a weekly podcast called The Monday Morning Podcast. I knew I had to check it out, and so far I've listened to it weekly for about a month now.

The Monday Morning Podcast is basically just Bill Burr talking and ranting about anything. Near the end of the podcast Burr usually gives answers people that e-mailed him asking for advice. The podcast is so diverse it can start with him talking about sports and end with him giving advice to a guy that has a friend that keeps trying to get him to go to church.

The whole podcast is hilarious, and feels like I'm laughing just about as much as I do when watching his stand-up specials. He just has a knack for telling stories and ranting... a lot of ranting. I've also got to give the man a lot of credit with sports. I don't watch sports or keep up with any of it. I've never been interested, and was a little upset that Burr talks about sports every podcast for at least 20 minutes. This was until I found his sport talks to be as hilarious as the rest of the podcast. I have actually became a little interested in maybe starting to watch some hockey even though the season is basically over (maybe next year).

Final Say: If you've seen the stand up and hated Bill Burr, you're not going to like the podcast. If you have seen the stand up and loved it, liked it, or even just thought it was meh, give the podcast a chance!

Link to the podcast

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