Jun 30, 2011

Comedy Central Picks Up 2 New Sketch-Comedies

According to Deadline, you can expect to see two new sketch-comedies on Comedy Central in 2012.  The first series will be hosted by comedian Nick Kroll, with an interestingly titled The Nick Show Kroll. Not a typo. I'm definitely okay with this, as Nick Kroll is someone who understands sketch comedy. He's most famous for his character Bobby Bottleservice, which he also ties into another skit The Ed Hardy Boys.


The other sketch-comedy series is an interesting one. Mad TV alumni Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele reunite for what I'm guessing by the description will be Comedy Central's attempt to buy their way back into the African American viewer demographic that took a bit hit since the loss of The Chappelle Show. While this show is working on a title, Deadline advertises that the show has skits lined up about Lil Wayne and Barack Obama. While both actors tried their best to carry Mad TV in the later seasons' downward spiral, I think this show could go either way. Both have great comedic timing but I think the writing is what will make or break this show. Here's two of my favorite Mad TV skits involving the pair, showing their great chemistry.

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