Jun 6, 2011

Hip Hop's Sean Kingston Jet Ski Crash

According to The Hollywood Reporter, popular singer Sean Kingston (known for his hits Beautiful Girls, Fire Burning, and collaborating with Justin Beiber -- Eenie Meenie) was in a serious Jet Ski crash May 29 that has put him in the hospital until today. Kingston is not ready to leave the hospital facility just yet, but it is being reported that he is awake and alert while attached to a breathing tube. Due to a broken jaw and fractured wrist, Kingston has been communicating through body language such as nods. While details on how the crash occurred are left unmentioned, the accident also hospitalized Kingston's passenger, though she has since been released due to only minor injuries. The music community has outpoured their support for Kingston to get well soon.

Personally, I hate Sean Kingston's music. I feel like it's a double-standard that children's female pop-icons get guff for portraying immoral and risque messages through their outfits and songs but Sean Kingston got away Scot-free with lyrics like "you make me suicidal, suicidal" in Beautiful Girls. Never sat right with me. I wouldn't have wished this kind of traumatic event on him and hope he returns soon. Maybe he can use the horrificness of the accident to create some great music once recovered. Certainly can't produce any worse music.

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