Jun 14, 2011

Hoarder's Review

Since the show hit the TV, I've been told I remind people of an episode of Hoarders, but I'd never actually seen the show until now. I'm actually quite offended! Yes, my place is messy, but that's because I have video games everywhere. On the show Hoarders people just have everything lying around from garbage, to a crap-filled bathroom.

That's basically each episode. They show some cases of hoarding and then offer some help. Usually, the person's hoarding is so bad they're getting evicted, or their children are getting taken away. The people that hoard still have the option to keep anything they want. The helpers have no say in what gets thrown out, but they do offer advice.

One scene that stood in my mind the most was this older lady that had trouble throwing out food that are way past the expiration date. One of the cleaners was about to throw out a rotten pumpkin that was there over a year under a heap of newspaper but the lady stopped him and said "I can use the seeds from the pumpkin," and took the seeds out. It's one of the weirdest cases of "one man's garbage is another man's treasure" I've ever seen.

There was another case where the guy didn't really have any problems with throwing anything out. I think this guy just wanted his apartment cleaned for him. In his interviews he was saying he didn't like people going through his things, but it has to get done. What an evil genius.

Final Say: Hoarders is an interesting show, but I don't think I'll get through the whole series. Each episode is the same thing. Place is messy, people try to clean it, and either fail or pass. Check out some episodes if you got Netflix Instant Watch, but if you don't. Then don't rush out to buy a season on DVD (Usually I say blu-ray, but I'd rather watch this on DVD).

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