Jun 8, 2011

iPhone Games 3

Alien Autopsy: Just like the game of operation, you have to remove organs from an alien without touching any other part of its' body. It takes some time to get any good at this game, but til then you will just hear this annoying alien scream each time you fail.

Final Say: Pass, not worth the $1.99.

Platform Hell!
: Hop from platforms collecting diamonds. The level design is mediocre, but what really aggravates me is how slow my character moves.

Final Say
: Give it a shot if you're really bored., it's free.

Gravity Hook HD
: Play as some robot hooking onto orb-like things. When you latch onto something, you get slingshot into the air. Then you repeat the process while in the air and try to get as high as possible.

Final Say: It's a fun game if you need to kill a minute or two. I would wait for it to be free before spending the $0.99 though.

You run a movie theater and drag customers through the movie process. Drag them to the ticket booth, popcorn booth, bathroom, arcade, and to the movie. Throughout the game you can hire people and upgrade booths to help you out.

Final Say:
Must have!

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