Jun 25, 2011

Mario Marathon 4

Here at Organized Remains we're big fans of the yearly Mario Marathon. Just a group of people playing through Mario game after Mario game. They continually play throughout the entire weekend taking turns and stream live.

What's great is the fact they're raising money for the Child's Play charity. Child's Play is a charity that donates games and toys to children's hospitals. Before the marathon even started they had already raised over $14,000 based on hype.

According to the Marathon website they have upgraded their cameras, and the sound will be better this year. Also, a new reaction system is in place where people can vote "LOL", "Cheer", "Boo", and "Fail" to what's going on during the marathon. So each time these people die I'm guessing everyone will click fail. They also added a "Wheel-of-Awesome" for each time they raise $1,000. This encourages people to donate, because every $1,000 gained, they have to perform some sort of task.

Get ready for a fun weekend, and don't forget to donate!


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