Jun 17, 2011

Megamind Review

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Parodying Superman backstory, a planet implodes far out in the galaxy and parents launch their babies out toward Earth so they can survive. One baby lands and becomes the evil outcast, Megamind, and the other lands and immediately becomes his schoolyard rival: goody-two-shoes Metro Man. But what happens when Megamind no longer has Metro Man to devote his life battling?

A couple of things stood out to me while watching this film. The soundtrack was basically the most overplayed action movie 80's hits to date. Worse yet, apparently the official soundtrack for sale doesn't even feature the songs featured in the film! So much for selling classics to a new generation. I also thought that there was a lot borrowed from the Neil Patrick Harris film, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The NPH cult-classic was made famous through internet distribution and predates Megamind by two years, with both stories about a lovable super-villain who draws your sympathy for how badly he's frequently defeated by an arrogant superhero. Personally I think how complex that situation is suits NPH's movie better than this kids' movie.

On the positive side, the animation was beautiful, and the voice-acting was top notch. I especially bought into Tina Fey's character and thought it was a winning combination.

My Highlights:
The spider, the "forget me stick", and learning the difference between being a villain and a super-villain.

Overall Rating:
Though I have my complaints, this is still a really solid film. Kids may not fully grasp it as they're watching, but will likely be entertained all the same, while adults are thoroughly pandered to. The film was pure enjoyment start-to-finish. 4 1/4 *'s out of 5, or 8 1/2 *'s out of 10.

When You Should See It:
The next time you're in the mood for a kids' movie. You don't have to put it at the top of your queue for any film genre, but it's a very well made animation and everyone should get around to seeing it.

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