Jun 24, 2011

Movies Coming This Fall

With the Summer here and all the big expensive blockbuster films that come with that hitting theaters, Hollywood is starting to promote the Fall lineup. Here are 5 movie trailers for films coming this fall.

1) PUSS IN BOOTS - November 4, 2011

This movie looks like a win. The last few Shrek films have been kind of disappointing in terms of quality in comparison to the first two in the franchise, but Puss In Boots has consistently been a highlight. Giving Puss his own spin-off can only mean good things.

2) KILLER ELITE - September 23, 2011

As a fan of Jason Statham, Robert De Nero, Clive Owen, The Scorpions, and mustaches, this looks like an awesome movie. On par, if not better than The Expendables. With a cast like this, this looks like another win.

3) 30 MINUTES OR LESS - August 12, 2011

I want to say that the plot is too absurd, but its surprisingly based on a true story. Another film with a great comedic cast that has a lot of name-power. Based on the trailer, this looks like something I'd love to see, but I'm skeptical that it might be a case of "showing all the good stuff in the trailer".

4) CONAN THE BARBARIAN - August 19, 2011

This movie looks very hit or miss to me. Upon just viewing the trailer with all the special effects, violence, sex appeal, cool action and crazy monsters, this looks like the best "sword and sorcery" action film since the popular tv show Xena. We've seen some attempts to revive the genre in the form of Prince of Persia, and arguably 300, but the final flying punch at the end of the film raised my suspicion. It's not that a majority of lesser-named stars can't put on a fantastic film, but I decided to check out the cast listing and see what strikes me odd about this film. Turns out it's not so much the cast which is primarily built up of veteran utility players in other action films, but the director is Marcus Nispel. Nispel is best known in the film industry for directing the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Frankenstein, and Friday the 13th, as well as an original film very similar to Conan: Pathfinder. I thought Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th were pretty decent films, but the majority of these films got trashed by professional critics. So I would be surprised if Conan becomes THE guy-film of 2011 or if it bombs.

5) FOOTLOOSE - October 14, 2011

... wut?


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